St George the Martyr CE

Primary School

‘Go shine in the world.’

Parent voice

What our parents tell us about their experience of our school


We were glad to hear many parents say that their child enjoys school and that children are encouraged and praised at St George the Martyr. Parents were pleased that the school teaches children to behave well and that their children feel safe when at school. Many parents commented that the school has high expectations for the pupils at St George the Martyr. Parents said that the school is nurturing and that staff are caring.


Many parents told us that they find the school and its staff approachable and that all children are made to feel welcome and included. In particular, parents shared that staff are positive and welcoming towards the children in the morning, as they are coming into school. Parents shared that they feel the school is led and managed well.


Parents shared that the school are quick and responsive when dealing with and resolving any concerns regarding their children, such as bullying. They feel that concerns are taken seriously and that they are able to approach the school to address these. Many parents commented that there is a strong sense of community within the school which is fostered by the staff. Parents said that they enjoy the carefully planned and inclusive community events, for example the disco and commented that the school brings together different cultures and religions in a positive way.


Many parents told us that they appreciate the ways that school provides excellent communication with them and regular information through the weekly newsletter, text messages and other letters. They shared that they feel well-informed about what is happening in the school. Parents commented that they feel listened to, that the school explains their processes and takes on board feedback. Parents appreciate when staff meet with them to discuss their child’s progress and any concerns they may have.


Many parents said that the school does a good job teaching their child and helping them to make good progress. Parents shared that teaching staff are enthusiastic and inspiring. Many parents commented that the school meets pupils’ needs and that their child is well-supported in their learning. Lots of parents shared that their children enjoy the curriculum and that a variety of interesting topics are covered. Parents commented that visitors and trips further enrich learning.