St George the Martyr CE

Primary School

‘Go shine in the world.’

Parent voice

What our parents tell us about their experience of our school


I love how friendly and approachable everyone is. Teachers are amazing with the children.


The school encourage the children to do their best in all areas.


The kids feel safe. The staff is open to any query and is smiling and welcoming both for children and parents.


Teaching phonics and maths with love.


To be honest I think having SLT presence at the beginning and end of school is what makes a difference to the expectations from the students.


My child has shown great improvement since he has started at St Georges. He's always showing interest in trying his best. School overall has shown a positive learning curve and approach to my child. All staff are very warm and welcoming. Just to add, Reception team have put me at ease as they have done such a good job with my child and I'm very thankful.


The school has given both students great support and a safe learning environment for them to prosper. Always providing a great support system. Always encouraging students to do well.


Excellent, caring environment.


Yes, I would love to say that the school does really well.


Warmly welcomes all children and parents encourages children to improve academically.


Very well organised. Good communication. Friendly staff I can trust my child with.


I love the morning greetings from the headteacher and other staff upon arrival. Appears to have a calm and disciplined environment for children to thrive in.


I am very happy with the school and the staff.


I am happy with everything that you as a staff are doing for our children.


The school does really well regarding quality of education and also is excellent in the way in which they keep children motivated to learn.


Upholding its Christian values which is great. I love the school because it is small and very inclusive. The teachers appear to really care and it filters down. It appears to be one big happy family. I have no idea why the boys are reluctant to come in, as they're absolutely fine when they're there and I see this when I pick them up.


The topic days are really lovely e.g. DT day, safety week, world book day etc. The newsletters are really detailed with lots of photos. These help parents know what is going on and facilitiate discussions with younger children. Presentation of displays and books is beautiful. Mid year report is very helpful. Warm and welcoming - adults in playground at start/end of day.