St George the Martyr CE

Primary School

‘Go shine in the world.’

Cultural Capital

At St George the Martyr, our intention is to enable our children to be knowledgeable about British and world culture and give them the skills and opportunities to talk with confidence about the wider world. We want our children to develop the skills to appreciate and discuss elements of the arts and culture through giving them a wide range of experiences inside and outside the classroom. We want to celebrate the heritage, arts, language and traditions of our country and the world. We want our children to be equipped to be the best that they can be as they grow up, extending our curriculum beyond the purely academic and enabling them to develop and discover their own interests and talents. We want them to experience the best of theatre, nature, art, music and have a wide range of experiences, visiting museums, galleries and other places of interest, using London as our classroom.

Our children enjoy and benefit from a range of cultural experiences, including:

  • Enrichment opportunities such as the Shakespeare project and The Place dance project; and local projects, for instance the history of the taxi driver and the history of the post office.
  • High-quality texts written by authors from a range of diverse cultural backgrounds. The core texts we use as a stimulus for writing include a wide range of characters and settings.
  • An art curriculum that teaches children about significant artists, both present and past, and their contributions to the world of art. Children study artists from all around the world.
  • A Year 4 music project that enables every child to learn a string and woodwind instrument.
  • Trips to local places of significance, for example the British Museum, the National Gallery and various places of worship to broaden children’s experiences and prepare them for life beyond school.