St George the Martyr CE

Primary School

‘Go shine in the world and live as Jesus did with compassion, honesty and integrity.’

Rule of Law

Rule of Law


The school behaviour policy is shared and understood by all stakeholders. Our school rules and expectations are clear, fair and regularly promoted. They are displayed in every classroom and communal area of the school. Our three school rules are followed consistently and are integral to our learning and ethos every day. The school behaviour policy is applied consistently across the school in terms of rewards, rules and consequences. Pupils are always helped to distinguish right from wrong, in the classroom, during assemblies and on the playground. Pupils are encouraged to respect the law and the school enjoys visits from authorities such as the police, fire and ambulance services to help reinforce this message. This is reflected in PSHE curriculum unit on ‘People who help us’. The parent survey relates to the behaviour and safety of pupils in our school. Pupil voice is heard through the school council, house captains, playground leaders and pupil faith team.