St George the Martyr CE

Primary School

‘Go shine in the world and live as Jesus did with compassion, honesty and integrity.’

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


The curriculum at St George the Martyr has been designed so that all children can flourish and shine. We strive to ensure the children are intrinsically motivated and become confident, articulate, emotionally intelligent and resilient young people.  They are then fully equipped to  enter the next chapter of their lives as compassionate, honest  individuals with high levels of personal integrity. 


Our curriculum is driven and led by our Christian Vision, which is for all children to ‘Go, shine in the world and live as Jesus lived, with Compassion, Honesty and Integrity’. Our core Christian values are central to our curriculum and are a crucial element of the ‘What If’ (Chartered College of Teaching: Building an Ethically Vibrant Curriculum, Cooling and Cooling 2013) approach to the teaching and learning within all subjects.


We have three ‘Go Shine’ topics a year, which are bespoke and relevant to our school community.  This is where our ethos is demonstrated through a carefully planned and progressive series of lessons, which seek to provide the knowledge and skills children need to become inquisitive and curious learners who can achieve to their full potential; flourish and shine.


For example, in Year 6 the children consider ‘What if learning about Explorers led us to understand how people show integrity when making new discoveries?’. Through this pedagogical process, the children will be able to discover what motivates people to explore and to distinguish between discovery and exploration – and use this deeper level of knowledge to make links with explorers of today; inspiring and igniting their curiosity.


Each unit begins with a teacher prepared ‘Knowledge Harvest’, focusing on what we know already, what we want to learn and then finally what we have learnt, culminating in an ‘Exit Point’ where the learning is celebrated and shared with the wider community. The acquisition of this new knowledge allows the children to become the experts. The teachers. (While we Teach we Learn, Seneca the Younger, Roman Philosopher, c.4BC - 65AD)


The summer term is when the whole school studies the same topic, which links closely with the geography and  context of the school. The Victorian era is perfect for us, allowing us to focus upon significant people who have profoundly influenced the locality and events, which have shaped the way in which we live today. 


In the Early Years the curriculum is taught through open ended and engaging topics, such as, ‘Super Me’, ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘Up on the Farm’. Children are supported to become confident and independent learners through explaining, investigating, and using their imagination. Communication and language within a vocabulary rich environment are an integral part of our Early Years curriculum. Opportunities are planned for children to practice their writing and this is evident throughout the setting.  Children are encouraged to ask some ‘Big’ questions, share ideas and to work together as a team. Children are supported to develop respect and compassion for others and build positive relationships with their peers. Maths, literacy and phonics are taught on a daily basis, both in discrete sessions and through cross-curricular activities such as, cooking and role-play. Children explore the outdoor environments to learn about the world around them, and to improve their physical development.


Our Christian values underpin and help to enrich the curriculum we have developed. The values will continue to permeate the learning outcomes, making the curriculum relevant, meaningful and providing experiences for the children that utilise our unique and vibrant local community.