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Primary School

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 We aim to foster a positive attitude towards homework and help set good habits for Secondary School.  We ensure that homework is of interest to the children and matched to their ability. Our school policy on homework is based on the notion that the learning process does not begin and end at school. We believe that children are learning constantly from a variety of adults and experiences. We ask that parents support their child with any homework given.


Homework, along with school lunches, toilets and uniform is one of the most controversial and heavily debated topics in school life. Parent questionnaires indicate in most schools that parents are divided in terms of what constitutes too much homework and too little. In most schools there are some parents who think that there should be no homework at all and some who want homework and a report from the teacher every day!


At our school we hope to find the happy medium in this area.


Homework helps children to develop good work habits for the future. We recognise that the time and resources available limit the educational experience that any school by itself can provide; children benefit greatly therefore from the mutual support of parents and teachers in encouraging them to learn both at home and at school. One of the aims of our school is for children to develop as independent learners. We believe that homework is one of the main ways in which children can acquire the skill of independent learning.


Homework plays a positive role in raising a child’s level of attainment, for example knowing your times tables is very helpful when it comes to learning maths. We also acknowledge the important role of play and free time in a child’s growth and development. While homework is important, it should not prevent children from taking part in the wide range of out-of-school clubs and organisations that play an important part in the lives of many children. We are well aware that children spend more time at home than at school, and we believe they develop their skills, interests and talents to the full only when parents encourage them to make maximum use of the experiences and opportunities that are available outside of school.


The full version of the Homework Policy can be found in the Policies section of this website.


We are using Google Classroom to set homework for Nursery to Year 6 classes. If you need help with using Google Classroom, watch the training videos in the Home Learning section of the website. If you need further support, please book an appointment to see your child's class teacher.


Homework is set throughout the school in accordance with DfE guidelines. Homework routines begin in Reception with the expectation that children read at home every night.  From Year 1 onwards, children are also given weekly maths and literacy activities. Homework is handed out on a Friday and expected to be returned to school by Wednesday each week.