St George the Martyr CE

Primary School

‘Go shine in the world and live as Jesus did with compassion, honesty and integrity.’

Computing - how we learn to code and design and create apps.

At St George the Martyr, we have a strong focus on computing. This is very important to our students because of the prevalence of technology in the everyday world.


At school, students are able to use ICT across a range of subjects. Students are able to access Chromebooks, laptops, iPods and iPads. We also have a link with the Camden Learning Centre (CLC) to offer students even greater opportunities to further their interest in technology. As well as a Computer Coding Club for those enthusiastic coders.


The 'Switched onto Computing' scheme of work offers the pupils opportunities to apply their computing and ICT skills to projects involving photography, communication, App design, art and music. Students are taught both skills and ICT knowledge. ‘Switched on’ develops computational thinking and problem solving skills. 


E-safety is a high priority to teach in all areas of our school from the safe use of a computer to internet safety.  ​


In the early years, children are introduced to technology through programmable toys. They are also beginning to access laptops, games and applications including ‘Purple Mash’.


In Key Stage 1, students learn how to program ‘Bee Bots’ using directions, therefore creating their own basic computer code. They also start to use word processing software, such as Microsoft Word and create animated stories on Purple Mash.


In lower Key Stage 2, students are introduced to ‘Scratch’, where they begin to create code for characters, backgrounds and other elements. They also further their word processing skills by starting to use programs like PowerPoint to create presentations and publishing their own work using Word.


In upper Key stage 2, students are using ‘Scratch’ progressively and creating their own games, stories and quizzes. Students start to use excel and publisher as well as other Microsoft programs independently. Pupils are therefore developing confidence in the use of ‘Scratch’ to create code and design their own programmes.


Computing links to the schools vision by furthering the compassion of students by working together to overcome issues, honesty by making sure they are being safe on the internet and integrity by illustrating determination. 


We are constantly assessing the students learning in Computing by using self, peer and teacher assessment. We use verbal feedback to help further the students learning and model misconceptions.


“I like computing because we get to create our own games and then play them” Ella Year 1


“I like computing because it is fun” Aneeqa Year 2


“When we do computing, we usually go on scratch and purple mash. On the trip to the ‘CLC’ we tried to make moving creations out of Lego and show the class. It was amazing!” Anahita Year 5


“I enjoy it when we go to the ‘CLC’ and program Lego robots”. Beau Year 5.